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Saturday, June 15 2019
How Millennials Can Lower Their Auto Insurance Rates

How Millennials Can Lower Their Auto Insurance Rates

Don't let your auto insurance rates get to ridiculous numbers! Dive into this guide to learn the best ways of lowering your auto insurance rates.

Did you know that auto insurance rates have more than doubled since the turn of the millennium? Since the year 2000, the price of car insurance has gone up by an average of 4.3% per year.

That means that you’re sure to pay twice the amount you would have paid 19 years ago for the same car insurance policy. That’s a huge increase there!

But, all is not lost, at least to an extent.

Fortunately, you can make use of a few auto insurance tips to get a cut on your next purchase. These tips for lower auto insurance rates won’t bring down the prices to match those of 2000, but the small savings can add up over time.

Check out the tips below on how to get better auto insurance rates. 

Shop Around 

Every company has its own unique considerations when it comes to pricing of policies. So, you are bound to find a significant variation in the amount you will be required to pay if you were to go with each of these companies.

Thus, it’s a good idea to look around and settle for a company that is both affordable and serves your needs right. While at it, don’t just stop at the quote given online.

Get on calls. Walk there in person and talk to them. What you want to get is the final quote with all factors about you are taken into account.

That is the rate you should use to make your decision. 

Maintain a Good Credit Rating 

Insurers won’t directly use your credit score to determine the premiums you pay.

But, the rating is going to have an impact on the auto credit score, a measure insurance companies use to predict the likelihood of you filing a claim.

In general, a good credit rating is going to save you a couple of bucks on your auto insurance rates.

Consider the Auto Insurance Rates of a Car Before Buying It

If you are yet to make a purchase, stop and have a look at the approximate amount it is going to cost you to insure that car.

Generally, big and expensive cars attract higher insurance rates compared to the regular ones.

Additionally, the costs of repair can mean the difference between low/affordable and over-the-roof auto insurance rates.

Get Your Auto Insurance From the Same Company You Use for Other Insurance Products 

It could be that you already have a cover with a particular company. Consider this when shopping around.

If you are getting good deals with your current insurance company, then having an additional policy can prove even more beneficial in slashing a considerable amount off your auto insurance rates. A good deal of companies offer discounts if you stick with them for more than one policy.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that these are usually limited time offers. Hence, be ready to hit the road again after this time is over.

Be Ready to Switch Your Insurance Providers Often 

For insurance providers, being loyal won’t necessarily mean better deals.

If anything, you may end up paying more as they are sure of your business. Hence, they would be largely unwilling to offer any more competitive prices to you.

So, make a point of looking around every few months and move over as soon as you get a better deal.

Final Thoughts 

It’s no secret that auto insurance rates for the Millennial generation are just too high. Who knows, maybe they will keep going up.

Not to worry though. Use the above tips for better auto insurance rates or contact us for expert advice.

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